About Me

Hi, I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Dept. of Psychology at Harvard University, advised by Prof. George Alvarez and Prof. Talia Konkle in the Vision Sciences Lab and Cognitive and Neural Organization Lab. I am broadly interested in how the human mind transforms visual sensory information into meaningful percepts of our world. I am grateful to be supported by the Kempner Graduate Fellowship and to be a part of its inaugural cohort.

My research program focuses on understanding the nature of visual representations underlying mid-level vision. Specifically, I am exploring the tuning and spatial topographies of proto-object representations, as well as the mechanisms that lead to the emergence of these representations. To achieve these goals, I use a multidisciplinary approach that combines computational models of vision, primarily deep neural networks, behavioral psychophysics, and neuroimaging data. By integrating these techniques, I aim to gain deeper insights into the emergent behavioral and neural signatures of mid-level computations that underlie biological vision. Here’s a brief walkthrough about my ongoing reasearch!

Check out my work on modeling cortical topographies

Link to paper and tweet-thread


Here’s some recent work on computational mechanims underlying mid-level object perception

Link to preprint


Talk on perceptual signatures of contour integration in humans and deep neural networks

Presented at Vision Sciences Society 2022

Talk on a topographic model of the human visual system using self-organizing constraints

Presented at Vision Sciences Society 2021