About Me

Hi! I am a PhD student in the Dept. of Psychology at Harvard University, advised by Prof. George Alvarez and Prof. Talia Konkle in the Vision Sciences Lab and Cognitive and Neural Organization Lab. I am broadly interested in how the human mind transforms visual sensory information into meaningful percepts of our world.

In my research, I am exploring the nature of visual representations underlying mid-level vision by trying to characterize the tuning and spatial topographies of proto-object representations, and the kinds of mechanisms that can operate over it. To this end, I combine computational models of vision, behavioral psychophysics, and neuroimaging data to gain deeper insights into the emergent neural and behavioral signatures of a hierarchical visual processor.

Check out my work on modeling cortical topographies:

Link to paper and tweet-thread


My talk on mechanisms of contour integration in humans and machines presented at Vision Sciences Society 2022 Conference: